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Canon EOS-5D Mark II Firmware 2.0.3 released

In case you missed it, the upgraded firmware for the Canon EOS–5D Mark II that was announced recently was made available yesterday. Version 2.0.3 of the firmware has been in development for a few months now and adds a 24p (24 frames per second) option for a more film–like output. The 30fps version has been […]

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV reviews

Reviews of Canon’s top end EOS–1D Mark IV are now slowly making its way to the web. Now with ISO 102400 and an improved autofocus system, the 1D Mark IV aims to take the top spot among sports shooters, hoping to take away some of the Nikon D3 and D3S glory that their competitor has […]

Canon EOS-550D/T2i

Less than a year after Canon announced their first consumer digital SLR that shoots HD video, they’ve just announced the update to the 500D aptly called the Canon EOS–550D. The 550D, also known as the T2i in the North American market, takes a lot from Canon’s most recent pro–level APS–C SLR, the Canon EOS–7D. The […]

Nikon versus Canon, the video. =) Comments Off on Nikon versus Canon, the video. =)

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Canon has taken the curtains off its next top–level camera, the Canon EOS–1D Mark IV. Now with sensitivity going up to ISO 102400 when utilizing the extended range, we finally have a camera that can see more than the naked eye. The new 1D has a 16–megapixel APS–H […]

Perya: An Awesome Canon EOS–7D Sample Video

Wondering how good the new Canon EOS–7D will do with HD video? A bunch of awesome Filipino videographers shows us: Beautiful, wasn’t it? These guys use the 5D Mark II for their wedding work regularly, but comparing their everyday output with this, something’s telling me the Canon 7D might just steal some money from the […]

Canon PowerShot S90

Most likely sharing a lot with the recently announced Canon PowerShot G11, the Canon PowerShot S90 marks the return of Canon’s S-series compact cameras. Here are the highlights of the S90, many of which are also in the G11: 10 megapixel high sensitivity CCD sensor Dual Anti–Noise System DIGIC 4 f/2.0 wide aperture lens (@ […]

Canon PowerShot G11

It’s now officially unveiled: the Canon PowerShot G11. Though you may think that this is simply just an update to Canon top–of–the–line for compact digital cameras, the G11 is said to improve on the G10 in many ways. One curious note though: the G11 has only 10 megapixels. Not that megapixel count has mattered for […]

Canon has just unveiled their Hybrid Image Stabilizer technology that eliminates two types of camera shake: tilt and shift. The new system is expected in new lenses later this year. Comments Off on Canon has just unveiled their Hybrid Ima …

Canon reportedly working on a G–Series compact point&shoot camera with an APS–C CMOS sensor? A reaction to the Olympus E-P1 perhaps? What do you think? Comments Off on Canon reportedly working on a G–Series …

Links: Canon EOS-50D

Photo samples (Site in Japanese) Photographyblog’s Canon EOS–50D review Roland Lim’s review of a production 50D, with various image comparisons against the 40D and the Nikon D3)

Canon EOS-5D Mark II officially announced

Yes, it’s now confirmed, the Canon EOS-5D Mark II is a real camera! After months (or was it years?) of speculation on how Canon would update the full–frame 5D, it is now finally here. Unfortunately, it’s not even close to the rumored 5D update we wrote about last March. Highlights of this new camera: New […]

Canon EOS-50D photo samples

Are you interested how the Canon EOS-50D’s 15 megapixel DIGIC 4–powered imaging capability performs? You’d want to see these just released samples from a pre–production unit, tested at various ISO sensitivities. I’ve posted above a crop of a photo taken at ISO 12800, two stops above the maximum sensitivity of the 40D it replaces. The […]