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Canon EOS–5D Mark II Dissected

Ever wondered what the Canon EOS–5D Mark II looks like deep inside? Someone was crazy enough to actually do it, with the aim of modifying it into a mirror–less camera optimized for video shooting. Note how the lens mount was also modified to accomodate what appears to be old-school screw–type Pentax lenses.

Canon EOS-5D Mark II Firmware 2.0.3 released

In case you missed it, the upgraded firmware for the Canon EOS–5D Mark II that was announced recently was made available yesterday. Version 2.0.3 of the firmware has been in development for a few months now and adds a 24p (24 frames per second) option for a more film–like output. The 30fps version has been […]

Leica M9

It is rumored that the Leica M9 will be using the same sensor as that on the Canon EOS–5D Mark II. Reportedly, profiles for the M9 are showing up in certains versions of some RAW conversion software, suggesting that the new Leica is almost here. However, it would be quite strange if Canon indeed lends […]

Hack your Canon EOS–5D Mark II firmware and make it do more! Though not for the faint of heart, indie film–makers will like the audio enhancements made available by this one hell of a hack. In effect, this is much like the CHDK project for Canon point&shoots. Comments Off on Hack your Canon EOS–5D Mark II firmware …

The latest firmware update for the Canon EOS–5D Mark II enables manual exposure control for video. NO need for the mounting hacks to get the most out of your bokeh! Comments Off on The latest firmware update for the Canon …

The First All 5D Mark II Wedding Video Shoot

Wondering if it’s possible to shoot a complete wedding video using an all 5D Mark II lineup? No traditional video cams at all? This video should prove it’s more than possible. It rocks. An all 5D Wedding Video Shoot and Same Day Edit: Irene and David from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo. Jason’s writeup on this […]

What’s wrong with the Canon 5D Mark II?

I came across several sites detailing the problems of Canon’s latest full–frame SLR, the EOS–5D Mark II. Sadly, it seems the problem is as widespread as it shouldn’t be. Worse than the Black Dot problem, 5D Mark II banding Canon 5D Mark II: Banding… c’mon, still? comment on COLOR noise in new 5dII So should […]

Canon EOS-5D Mark II officially announced

Yes, it’s now confirmed, the Canon EOS-5D Mark II is a real camera! After months (or was it years?) of speculation on how Canon would update the full–frame 5D, it is now finally here. Unfortunately, it’s not even close to the rumored 5D update we wrote about last March. Highlights of this new camera: New […]