What’s wrong with the Canon 5D Mark II?


I came across several sites detailing the problems of Canon’s latest full–frame SLR, the EOS–5D Mark II. Sadly, it seems the problem is as widespread as it shouldn’t be.

So should they start selling the 5D Mark II for half the price? :D Seriously though, I hope Canon gets their act together before it affects sales so badly. I wouldn’t be buying this camera even if I could afford it, at least not anytime soon.

One reply on “What’s wrong with the Canon 5D Mark II?”

There is nothing wrong with the Canon 5D Mark II. Nothing even comes close at this price point. Sales are not affected one bit. Most stores can’t keep them in stock. This is old news. These posts are from December. The latest firmware upgrade resolves these issues. I bought one, glad I did. Awesome camera for the price.

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