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Mobius: the Canon C300 / C300PL

There really isn’t anything new to say about Canon’s new “for–Hollywood” C300. We already know it’s going to be another industry–changing camera like the 5D Mark II. So I’ll just share with you Vincent Laforet’s video made with the C300, “Mobius”, screened at the camera’s official launch.

Here’s his blog post that goes into details about just how great the Canon C300 could be.


iPhone 4 DSLR with OWLE Bubo & EnCinema Adapter

It seems too many people are busy not calling with their iPhone 4 that they’d rather use it for crazy things, like recording DSLR–like videos. These guys over at iPhone DSLR mated their iPhone 4 with the OWLE Bubo and an EnCinema 35mm Adapter to produce HD video from their franken–camera. A neat feat, though I doubt if it beats just getting a cheap Canon EOS–550D which offers better exposure control anyway.


The First All 5D Mark II Wedding Video Shoot

Wondering if it’s possible to shoot a complete wedding video using an all 5D Mark II lineup? No traditional video cams at all?

This video should prove it’s more than possible. It rocks.

An all 5D Wedding Video Shoot and Same Day Edit: Irene and David from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Jason’s writeup on this thing explains how everything was, which can summarized as “overwhelming.”

Credits to these great Filipino wedding videographers, a collaboration of four of the most talented ones you can find on this side of the world: