iPhone 4 DSLR with OWLE Bubo & EnCinema Adapter

It seems too many people are busy not calling with their iPhone 4 that they’d rather use it for crazy things, like recording DSLR–like videos. These guys over at iPhone DSLR mated their iPhone 4 with the OWLE Bubo and an EnCinema 35mm Adapter to produce HD video from their franken–camera. A neat feat, though I doubt if it beats just getting a cheap Canon EOS–550D which offers better exposure control anyway.


Canon EOS–5D Mark II Dissected

Ever wondered what the Canon EOS–5D Mark II looks like deep inside? Someone was crazy enough to actually do it, with the aim of modifying it into a mirror–less camera optimized for video shooting. Note how the lens mount was also modified to accomodate what appears to be old-school screw–type Pentax lenses.


Ugly cameras help deter theft, especiall …

Ugly cameras help deter theft, especially if they look analog–ugly. So how do you protect that digital walkaround P&S of yours? Make it just as ugly!