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Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Canon has taken the curtains off its next top–level camera, the Canon EOS–1D Mark IV. Now with sensitivity going up to ISO 102400 when utilizing the extended range, we finally have a camera that can see more than the naked eye.

The new 1D has a 16–megapixel APS–H sensor with the same 1.3x crop, now going up to 10 frames per second when burst shooting. Aside from all the other top end Canon technologies, this baby shoots 1080P HD video just like the 5D Mark II. Paired with its extreme ISO range, the 1D Mark IV might just be the next video camera every indie filmmaker wants. Too bad Vincent Laforet’s movie shot with the 1D Mark IV “Nocturne” had to be taken down for now on Canon’s request.

I’m just wondering how the 1Ds version of this would turn out to be.

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