Leica M9 Stories


More on Leica M9, because some of us can only read about it and never own one in this lifetime.

  • “At the risk of sounding sexist, owning and working with an M Leica is like being involved with a very beautiful and intelligent woman that sometimes makes you a bit crazy with her demands. Frustrating yes, but overall more than worth the effort involved. ” — An M9 in Paris, Luminous landscape
  • “If you love rangefinders, if you love Leica, if you are passionate about photography, the M9 is a great camera for you. If you shoot with DSLR’s and want a lighter camera that will become an extension of your mind and go with you everywhere, the M9 is a camera you will love. I can go on and on but I will stop here. The bottom line…” — Steve Huff
  • And then here’s a bunch of photos and words on the Leica M9.