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HardwareZone Review: Nikon D80

HardwareZone scoops all photography sites by posting the first online review of the recently announced Nikon D80. has a preview of Nikon’s latest DSLR, but contains no sample images. In contrast, HWC’s review has complete details, though their review format/methodology is catered towards prosumers, not typical DSLR shooters or advanced amateurs.

For in–depth technical details on the Nikon D80, go with’s preview of the Nikon body, but get your review fix from HWC’s review. Expectedly, since the new Nikon D80 is almost a Nikon D200, their conclusion is right on the spot.

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[…] The Nikon D80 has been an excellent camera especially when compared to other digital SLRs in its price range. Robust performance paired with good photo quality has made it a viable option, to the point where several local shooters have now switched from Canon to Nikon mostly because of the Nikon D80 and the even more capable Nikon D200. […]

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