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The new Canon EOS 3D

Canon EOS 3D

Pictured above is said to be Canon’s upcoming EOS 3D, but really, is it? The same picture has circled the various photography sites and forums, and many have already ignored it as a hoax. However, a recent thread on the Fref Miranda forums appears to contain convincingly genuine details regarding a “Canon EOS 3D“, said to be launched in around three weeks.

Rumored features appear very exciting and if true, this camera will indeed be a worthy competitor to the Nikon D200. Some of the highlights:

  • High performance AF system with 27 AF points, 11 of which are cross–type sensors up to f/4, with the center point cross–type up to f/5.6 and capable of AF up to f11. This performance is comparable or even better than the 1D series.
  • ECF: Eye–controlled focus. A unique feature carried over from the Elan 7NE.
  • 13.3 megapixel APS-H (1.3x) sensor with DIGIC III, capable of ISO 50 and 3200 plus ISO 25 and 6400 as expanded options.
  • 6 frames per second continuous shooting speed, up to 40 JPGs or 18 RAW files.

If this rumoured camera is indeed real, this should push down the prices of other models significantly. Maybe we can have a full–frame Canon EOS 5D breaking the 2000 dollar barrier along with a Canon EOS 30D for less than a grand. Good times are coming if this is true.

The text of the “supposedly leaked” Canon document is provided below:

Introducing the revolutionary EOS 3D.

Built from the ground up to represent the new face of digital imaging the EOS 3D will represent a breakthrough in high performance yet affordable photography. Featuring an elegant yet supremely functional design it takes the best of Canon’s previous designs and enhances the experience even further. A high performance AF system featuring 27pt of which 11 are x-type down to f/4 while and the centre point is cross-type to f/5.6 and allows AF down to f/11. The AI servo performance has been significantly improved too, exceeding that of the 1D Mk II.

Also Canon proudly brings ECF to the digital era and is greatly enhanced in performance over that found in the Elan 7NE.

However, the true revolution lies in the heart of the camera. Packing an amazing 13.3MP into an APS-H sized sensor the images are processed by a new DIGIC III engine. The next generation DIGIC III Image Processor builds on the legendary abilities of the digic II with double the processing power necessary to deliver unprecedented levels of resolution, speed and dynamic range. Despite the EOS 3D having smaller pixels than the EOS 5D, the DIGIC III provides even greater DR, more accurate colour rendition improved WB and lower noise. ISO 50 and 3200 are now part of the standard ISO settings and ISO 25 and 6400 are now included as an expanded option. Also it further reduces power consumption allowing class leading battery performance.

Thanks to DIGIC III the EOS 3D also boasts an impressive burst rate of 6fps for 18 shots in RAW and 40 in jpg.

In addition the body adds several sealing gaskets to the all magnesium shell allowing for operation in more extreme environments. A new evaluative algorithm allows more accurate metering in extreme lighting and can even correctly expose subjects like snow. Also a 2.4% spot meter allows for precise metering of any part of the scene. The viewfinder shows an impressive 98% of the scene both horizontally and vertically. Also for the first time Canon will be employing 2.75″ OLED display screen, offering superior resolution, brightness and power consumption to LCD screens and having markedly better performance in bright daylight.

Visit this site for more updates on this new product.

20 replies on “The new Canon EOS 3D”

ISO25 & 6400 now, we’re talking. imagine using ISO25 on a bright sunny day with your 50mm f1.4 USM wide open… heaven.

I’d save for one if it were under $5k.

Kim, I think the photo of the camera and the lens could be fake, though my gut feel tells me there will be a Canon EOS 3D. I think this will be slightly above the 5D’s price, probably less than the 1D Mark II N. I think the 1D series will all merge into a full-frame group in the next few years, leaving the 3D at 1.3x crop and the 30D/XT at 1.6x crop for advanced amateurs.

I remember a few years back that the 3D was also announced. tapos a few days ago I saw another announcement for the 370D. but the 3d would definitely be a welcome addition to the EOS System.

Kim, lots of rumors floating around these days as its the season for announcing new photo gear. I can’t wait to see the new Canons!

I think this is a fake rumor. Notice how the text that is suposedly taken from a canon document first has the DIGIC III in caps, the the digic II in lower-case. Then notice how they use the abbrevation DR instead of dynamic range. Also they tell the buffer size first in RAW then in JPG, they never do that.

Max, I think you’re right. The recent announcements from Canon had nothing to do with a 3D, so I guess we’re left to dream of a 3D after a year or so.

Steen, that seems a good idea though Canon hasn’t really been known to follow the whims of its users. Most of the time, it grows along with the general market trend while keeping a marginal advantage over its competitors. But not that the DSLR market is very competitive, Canon should play its cards well and make the most of any technical advantages they currently have.

The text of the supposed leaked Canon announcement seems a bitty fishy, a bit too much “putting down” of other current Canon models (Elan 7NE, 1D MkII and 5D), not a terribly wise or likely practice for a company such as Canon.

I wonder if someone in Canon is using this to gauge consumer interest in a potential product line. But if the rumor turns out to be true, it would be great for consumers who are in the market for the EOS 5D and other lower end cameras from Canon.

Euphoric, it could be possible. However, it’s not a completely similar subset of the market since those who will be responding are people web-inclined who participate in forums and weblogs. I think there’s a much bigger percentage who use these cameras who do not use the web in relation to what they do or intend to buy.

But for simple market study purposes, I think it can still be used to at least check for interest or other feedback.

I think this is a perfect example of “serendipity” (a fortunate accident)!

Of course it`s a fake…(How can anyone build a mega-aperture/L-lens THAT small!)But, it`s a brilliant, fortitious fake: Hopefully fortunate for Canon EOS 3 fans like myself (Yep, I still keep my EOS 3),always hoping that the folks at Canon might realise the incredible niche amongst serious enthusiasts for a digital version of the EOS 3.

Come on, Canon, and sieze the moment- carpe diem!

Yeah, it’s a fake pic, or else the lens is photoshopped on. Just look at the reflection, on the lens it’s an umbrella, on the shutter button it’s a softbox. Also why do the newer and better cameras from Canon always have to be bigger? They should come up with a new name and call it a Canon Behemoth II, or Canon Doorstop1s. I use a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II at work, but I leave on the studio tripod. I’d rather use my Nikon D70 for everyday work.

There might be a EOS 3d, but this photo is a hoax. First af all, there is no wat a 40mm 1.2 L can be that small. Remember, the L-series are all capable of hammering nails without breaking. Secound, I had two Canon officials in the store that i work in the other day, and they laughed their asses of seeing the image. They know whats coming up on the 18-22 of august.

i may only be 15 but i can sure as hell tell that an L series lense with specifications of 40mm F1.2 is never going to be that size. look at the 1.2 50mm and 85mm for example… also there are many mistakes made in that canon document… not going into the fact you can see reflections on not only the lens but the shutter button also.

IT IS NO WAY A PRODUCT PHOTO TAKEN BY CANON go on the canon product website and if you find a photo of an eos camera with a shaddow beneath it i’ll give you a grand!

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