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Canon EOS-7D

Canon EOS-7D

This month’s been filled with so much news that I almost missed this one: the Canon EOS–7D. The latest pro–level APS–C SLR camera from Canon is better than ever. With an 18–megapixel CMOS sensor paired with dual DIGIC 4 processors, this camera is capable of shooting 8 frames per second of burst shooting. And with such an astounding rate, the shutter now rated to withstand 150,000 actuations, a significant increase from previous pro–level models.

Taking from the success of the EOS–5D Mark II and other recent cameras, the 7D also HD video. It captures Full HD video at 30p (29.97 fps), 24p (23.976 fps) and 25p, while allowing for full manual control of exposure. Another rarity for a Canon digital SLR is the intelligent viewfinder that provides 100% coverage.

About a month ago, I got the chance to handle a pre–production Canon EOS–7D in a wedding photography seminar. Ergonomics and handling compares to none, not even the 40D/50D or the 5D Mark II. It just feels really good in your hands, with all the controls in familiar spots while providing a few more additions.

When asked about the suggested retail price for the 7D here in the Philippines, the local didn’t have official word yet but it was expected to be 99,950 pesos. At that price though, the 5D Mark II seems to be the better deal. But recently, local forums and sellers have been offering preorders for the 7D in the 85,000 peso range. Cheaper compared to the SRP though still a steep price for another APS–C camera. I’d rather save and go straight to the 5D Mark II if I had the money. The 7D though might just be the camera for most shooters with a healthy lineup of EF–S lenses.