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RadioPopper: Radio TTL Flash System

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Have you heard about RadioPopper?

It is a unique radio trigger system for use with your slave flashes and triggers, strobist–style, but with the unique capability of light metering through TTL. Created by wedding and portrait photographer Kevin King, it is slated for release sometime next year according to their press release (pdf).

With the look of things, this kit should be significantly better than the Cactus Radio Triggers I just acquired, considering it will be priced close to the industry–standard Pocket Wizards. But can it steal some of the Pocket Wizard’s market?

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Cactus PT-04 Radio Triggers

Cactus PT-04 Radio Triggers

Fellow blogger/photographer Luis Cruz helped me acquire the popular Gadget Infinity radio triggers, also called the “ebay triggers” by the crowd. Both of us got single transmitters paired with two receivers for a fairly flexible portable lighting setup.

I had my first gig with the setup and it performed acceptably well, just as I expected. It is no pocket wizard, but does the job. A good value especially considering the price, since you can get a radio setup similar to mine for less than 5,000 pesos/100 dollars.

A comprehensive review of the Cactus PT-04 Radio Triggers is also available over at PhotoNotes.