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Cactus PT-04 Radio Triggers

Cactus PT-04 Radio Triggers

Fellow blogger/photographer Luis Cruz helped me acquire the popular Gadget Infinity radio triggers, also called the “ebay triggers” by the crowd. Both of us got single transmitters paired with two receivers for a fairly flexible portable lighting setup.

I had my first gig with the setup and it performed acceptably well, just as I expected. It is no pocket wizard, but does the job. A good value especially considering the price, since you can get a radio setup similar to mine for less than 5,000 pesos/100 dollars.

A comprehensive review of the Cactus PT-04 Radio Triggers is also available over at PhotoNotes.

2 replies on “Cactus PT-04 Radio Triggers”

I had two of these triggers on a 580ex and a 430ex. It was absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever owned. Half the time they wouldn’t fire properly, then the other half they would just out of nowhere fire random bursts. I was so incredibly dissappointed that I pretty much sold them within a week. I can’t believe they manufacture such garbage. I’m sticking with a off shoe cord, and that’s it. Total crap from China (As usual).

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