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Lens cap mod for the Lumix LX3/D-Lux 4


Shooting with the Lumix LX3 for the past few days has been really fun, though one thing I noticed is that the traditionally–styled lens cap limits your quick draw speed for street shooting. Unlike other compact point and shoots, the Lumix LX3 and D-Lux 4 use lens caps that you manually remove instead of automated little metal slits that retract by themselves. But there’s a solution: you can use the Roch LC-1 lens cap! WIth a bit of clever hacking, it can be your quick–draw lens cap.

And by now, if you’re very much into this Lumix LX3/D-Lux 4 craze, you might to consider this: the Titanium D-Lux 4! But at the rumored 1,400 USD, I think they’re pushing it.