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Digital SLR Previews

As you may have known, several exciting new digital SLR cameras were released from the Nikon and Canon camps. Good for us, has previews of these new models, giving us an idea just how good they might be once they start shipping.

So here are the links to the previews:

  • Nikon D3, the 12 megapixel full–frame wonder that can do 9 frames per second and ISO 25600. [Preview link]
  • Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, the flagship model for Canon which used to be untouched in its capabilities in the full–frame segment. [Preview link]
  • Nikon D300, a mid–level offering that slots in just above the D200, providing Nikon pros with a rugged workhorse at a reasonable price. [Preview link]
  • Canon EOS-40D, with 10 megapixels and 9 cross–type AF sensors, this thing can do 6.5 frames per second. A worthy update to Canon’s professional APS–C digital SLR bodies. [Preview link]

Now let’s start dreaming of our next upgrades!