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Digital Photographer: Upgrading to Windows Vista?

If you’re the early adopter type who buys gear even before the first published reviews are out, you probably owned pioneering products like the floppy–saving Sony Mavica and the Canon EOS D30. Of course you paid a premium, but having first crack on new technology indeed has its price.

However, if you’re contemplating on replacing your Windows–based notebook or workstation for the more recent Core 2 Duos with the Windows Vista operating system, be aware of a metadata issue in the said OS. As Gizmodo has reported, using the built–in tagging tools in Vista ruins parts of the image metadata, making them unusable for apps that use them, like Adobe Photoshop.

A significant concern for this would be those that shoot with the RAW format, since their data will be made useless if modified by Vista’s tools. For now, do not tag your photos within Vista using their provided apps!

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