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Nikon D80 Stunning Gallery

Nikon Stunning Gallery

Just how good is the Nikon D80? Nikon handed 16 different passionate shooters the new Nikon D80, and in return they gave back stunning photos. This is the premise on Nikon’s new site called “Nikon Stunning Gallery,” a very effective marketing move that highlights the strengths of their products.

The Nikon D80 has been an excellent camera especially when compared to other digital SLRs in its price range. Robust performance paired with good photo quality has made it a viable option, to the point where several local shooters have now switched from Canon to Nikon mostly because of the Nikon D80 and the even more capable Nikon D200.

I wouldn’t mind switching to the Nikon D80 if they’d give me the Nikon equivalent of all my lenses, body, and other equipment. Why? Because I believe that right after Canon came out with the Canon EOS 20D, Nikon has dominated the market from almost all levels. The Canon EOS 5D is the only thing that puts Canon in a position of technical advantage.

Now back to the Nikon Stunning Gallery site, have a visit and be amazed at the talent of the crop of photographers that made the Nikon D80 truly their own.