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Canon EOS 400D Reviewed @ pipho

Canon EOS 400D Reviewed at

Remember the first few photo samples and initial impressions we posted a few weeks ago on the Canon EOS 400D/XTi? Regie Fernando now has his complete review of the new Canon body on the pipho forums. It was actually published several days ago, and it seems several enthusiasts are now shooting with this camera.

If you’re a fellow Filipino shooter lurking in the pipho forums, you might want to take advantage of this wonderful offer provided by Henry’s Camera: Canon EOS 400D for 46,000 pesos, with a two–year warranty, an extra battery, and several other freebies. This is a good deal and seems a bit cheaper compared to other Hidalgo shops. Some are reportedly selling the 400D body only, for 42,500 pesos — a very tempting deal. Once prices drop below the 40k range, the temptation would be too hard for me to resist. ;)