Canon EOS 400D Hands On

Canon EOS 400D

As Canon’s update to its entry level digital SLR slowly makes its way to the worldwide market, we now see a surge of opinions and reviews on the new camera. The Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi is still very much like the previous models, though packs a few surprises and still keeps photography enthusiasts very excited.

Just as we have posted links to sample photos from this camera, the camera is now officially here in the Philippines and sent for review to media people as well as prominent Canon users. One lucky guy is’s Regie Fernando who has just posted sample photos and his initial insights on the camera in this thread and on his weblog.

The sample photos appear to be very inspiring, though it is worth noting that he used the Canon 17-40 f/4L USM and not the included kit lens. We (yes, including me!) are eagerly waiting for his in–depth review to know if the 400D is really worth the money, as I might just get one as soon as prices stabilize.

9 Responses to “Canon EOS 400D Hands On”

  1. Paul Escobar says:

    how much is the 400D? (php)

  2. markku says:

    Paul, I think the kit goes for around 45k while the body should be near 42k. Possibly even cheaper now since it has been on the market for quite a while now.

  3. […] A good number of first time DSLR buyers used to own film SLRs with a dedicated hotshoe flash. Most flash guns built during the film SLR days cannot take advantage of the various advancements in flash photography like Nikon’s CLS (Creative Lighting System) and Canon’s ETTL (Evaluative Through-The-Lens) and ETTL-II. However, a more important (and potentially dangerous) note is that most old flashes have extremely high trigger voltages. The electronics in digital SLRs like the Canon EOS 400D/Rebel XTi can be destroyed by old flash guns with these high trigger voltages. This article explains this issue quite well: Why Are Newer Cameras in Danger, but not Old Ones? […]

  4. ngongoy says:

    please help me to find where to buy 400d slr 44k price,,in manila or cebu please send me complete store address,,thank you

  5. ngongoy says:

    please contact me at [email protected]..

  6. karlo says:

    hi! do you know where i can buy nikon d40 here in manila? just to add… if you were to buy a slr what brand and model would you buy between nikon d40 and canon 400d? thanks. karlo

  7. markku says:

    Karlo, you can get the D40 in from the photo shops in Hidalgo St., Quiapo. The D40 is much cheaper than the 400D, so it really depends on your budget. They perform very well for their target markets.

    If I were to start with a new system, I’d probably go with the D40 if budget is limited. Do note that Canon’s warranty service is much better here in the Philippines.

  8. Selle says:

    Uh, where can I buy the 400D? :) And how much it is it? :D

  9. Em says:

    I’m selling my Cannon EOS 400D for AED2,100 or Php28,000… I’m here in Dubai now but I’ll be back sa Manila by July…