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Superheadz Digital Harinezumi is a new analog camera…


… but it really is digital. The Digital Harinezumi is the first digital camera from Superheadz, a Japanese camera maker specializing in analog cameras very much like nostalgic toy cams that are so popular nowadays. What makes this camera really special is the washed out analog look it produces. Occasionally, light leaks will appear on the images as well as some color shift similar to what’s typically seen in cross–processed film. You’ve got to see photos from the Digital Harinezumi, they definitely look surreal without messing with analog film.

The camera outputs 2 megapixel images and also shoots video that look like 8mm clips, and without sound. The most modern features on this camera are the microSD slot and the rear LCD that can only be used for reviewing your shots—you can’t do live–view with it. You compose and frame your shots using a fold–out optical viewfinder on top of the camera.

Now here’s the bad news: the Digital Harinezumi is only available in Japan, at least officially. And it is sold out. Converting its price in Japan comes out to around $150 USD, not exactly cheap but still reasonable enough for such a fun camera. If only we can get it here in the Philippines.