Product Announcements

Leica M9 now official


Leica finally has a proper digital camera: the Leica M9. Being the first Leica to sport a full–frame (35mm) sensor, the M9 will make you see the full capabilities of your Leica senses, not to mention making you feel you’re finally using the full value of your expensive glass.

The 18 megapixel CCD sensor was developed by Kodak and has unique capabilities for optimized light transmission from the back of the lens to the sensor plane, despite this being a tight distance for mirror-less rangefinders. Controls are not much different to the M8, so Leica enthusiasts who’ve been shooting with the older model will not have a hard time adapting. For $8,000 USD though, the Leica M9 is an improbable impulse purchase and will have to prove its case against more robust full frame cameras from Canon and Nikon.