Nikon D5100 Announced

Nikon D5100

With so many digital cameras released every few weeks, it wouldn’t be easy to notice the better ones, right? The Nikon D5100 is different though, mainly because of the new things it has to offer. Despite being an entry–level DSLR, the D5100 is one of the first Nikon cameras to offer 1080p Full HD video recording. And to make that more fun, it incorporates a new system that allows for continuous autofocus while recording video.

The Nikon D5100 also features a “Night Vision” mode, effectively equivalent to ISO 102400, which should be a nifty selling point for first–time buyers. No word yet though on how effective it will be, considering how much noise APS–C sensors produce at such ridiculous boosted sensitivity levels.

The camera will come with a new vari–angle (flip–out) LCD with 921k-dot resolution; along with the optional ME-1 stereo microphone accessory, the Nikon D5100 clearly shows a strong leaning towards being a competitive “HDSLR”—digital SLRs with strong HD video capabilities.

Would the Nikon D5100 sell as much as Nikon has positioned it for? We’ll know soon.