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Sunpak PZ42X TTL Flash


Considering a flash for your new digital SLR? Instead of getting the Nikon SB–600 or the Canon 430EX II, why not consider the Sunpak PZ42X flash?

The Sunpak PZ42X is a worthy alternative for SLR shooters looking for a dedicated flash. If you’re not after the techo–gizmo features found in more expensive models, this Sunpak might just do the job. I’ve personally tried one and it’s just as good as my Sigma EF–500 Super, but without the weight. I lose high–speed (focal plane) sync and multi–flash effects, but I rarely need them anyway.

For an everyday use flash, the Sunpak PZ42X gets the job done. It’s a lot cheaper than the Canon 430EX II and still a few dollars cheaper than the Nikon SB–600, just good enough for a budget–limited enthusiast.

List price for the three flashes mentioned:

  • Sunpak PZ42X: $149.95
  • Canon 430EX II: $279.99
  • Nikon SB–600: $172.95