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Nikon D40 & D40x: Good Enough?

Nikon D40

We’ve seen Nikon’s entry level offerings reviewed several weeks ago: the D40 and the D40x, all done by DPReview. Seeing that almost all reviews of both cameras proudly proclaim their strengths, are they really today’s best entry level digital SLRs?

Thom Hogan reviewed both cameras to compare and contrast their common strengths while identifying what may be better in one model, compared to the other. If I were to start in DSLR photography all over again, I’d go with the 6–megapixel D40 and invest my remaining money in good lenses. Getting a D40x means just more pesos (dollars?) spent with the same limitations from its cheaper sibling. And spending more would only be justified if one were to get a D80, or a D200. Thom specifically mentioned how Nikon has been able to maximize their not–too–new 6-megapixel CCD sensor:

First, the image quality is excellent. Nikon has proven once again that they know how to suck every last little bit of quality out of the 6mp sensors they’ve been using for more than four years. And amazingly, the included kit lens doesn’t let the sensor down. For those that aren’t trying to shoot wall murals and are satisfied with the size prints you’d get off, say, a really good desktop inkjet, there’s nothing to complain about in image quality until you get to ISO 3200, and even then some will find it usable at smaller print sizes.

So if you’re just starting to play with DSLRs now, you know the advantages of getting a D40, or a D40x.

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