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Make photoshop faster, now. Comments Off on Make photoshop faster, now.

PercepTool is a Photoshop plugin that mimics what the brain “sees” upon looking at a photo, which isn’t exactly how a camera records it: “PercepTool takes the image made in the digital camera sensor (also called luminance image) and changes it into what our brain actually perceives. The luminance image consists of 2 sub (intrinsic) images: reflection and illumination. The reflection and illumination images are separated from the luminance image in the visual cortex of the brain, processed and recombined into what is known as the percept, or the image that we actually perceive. We call this image luminosity. Most of the changes are due to differential recombination of the edges in the image and optimization of tonal values.” Comments Off on PercepTool is a Photoshop plugin that mi …

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 reviewed

Buying a new camera these days usually comes with free software. If you’re lucky enough to get photo editing software to come with it, it will probably be Adobe Photoshop Elements. You won’t be getting full–version Photoshop, that’s for sure, but if you’re lucky you’ll have the more recent Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. What’s impressive […]