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Firmware version 2.40 has been released for the Ricoh GR Digital II. Usability has been improved with customization options for the use of the ADJ. lever and Up-down dials. (0)

Hack your Canon EOS–5D Mark II firmware and make it do more! Though not for the faint of heart, indie film–makers will like the audio enhancements made available by this one hell of a hack. In effect, this is much like the CHDK project for Canon point&shoots. (0)

Lumix LX3 firmware version 1.3 is now available, be sure to get it to make the most out of your wondercam. (0)

The latest firmware update for the Canon EOS–5D Mark II enables manual exposure control for video. NO need for the mounting hacks to get the most out of your bokeh! (0)

Canon EOS-50D and Nikon D300 firmware updates

There are firmware updates for the just released Canon EOS–50D and the Nikon D300. If you’re shooting with one of them, be sure to check it out as it solves certain issues for both cameras. Of utmost priority is the fix for the 50D which reportedly has “Error 99” issues despite it being a very […]